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Autonomous Soup


[aw-ton-uh-muh s] adjective.

acting independently or having the freedom to do so. Existing and functioning as an independent organism.

synonyms: self-governing, self-ruling, self-determining, independent, sovereign, free, unmonitored.


[soop] noun.

liquid food made with great variety. 

synonyms: admixture, amalgamation, mishmash, fusion, composite.



Secret Recipe for Autonomous Soup:



  • 1 cup of technology

  • A pinch of experimentation

  • A dash of exploration

  • Sprinkles of spontaneity

  • A hint of serendipity

  • Playfulness, to taste



Autonomous Soup's secret recipe for new media art combines art and technology in the spirit of experimentation, exploration, spontaneity, serendipity & play. All available resources, real and imagined, intangible and corporeal, true and deceptive are utilized to animate the inanimate and bring the absurdity of life to ordinary found objects.   


They say that the human soul keeps a record of great pain and great beauty. There is a very fine filament stretched between those intense perceptions, and if you drag a line of technology across that invisible strand, the point where they cross is the spot where the crucible of art boils up its salves and potions from mixtures of raw emotion and psychic scar tissue.  “The agony and the ecstasy”-- such an apt description of Michelangelo’s imprint on humanity. 


  • Experiment with new and different media types. 

  • Explore the possibilities of a variety of concepts.

  • Preheat spontaneity.

  • Allow serendipity to rise!

  • Play until crispy and brown.


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