CJ Rakow
Feb 14, 2018

Video Game Development



2k games

Nba 2k


One of the highest grossing and most detailed video games in existence, NBA 2ks developers aim to capture the personal traits of all 400 players in each yearly release. The characters are modeled after the physical likeness of NBA pla

yers, down to the way they walk, the way they shoot, what they wear and even their mannerisms. The visual concepts team uses motion capture technology to create incredibly realistic animation that makes the game experience superior for fans.





Epic Games





With 3.4 million concurrent players. Fortnite is taking the gaming world by storm. The multiplayer, co-op style shooting game has 45 million users, and shocking success. It was also the first game built on the Unreal Engine platform. Unreal Engine is a free platform for 3d animation and modeling designed to be intuitive, and code free. The platform can be used for everything from modeling and animation to game development and VR/AR creation.




Because Fortnite was the first game created using Unreal Engine, it served as a test for the software. During the creation of the game was when many of the initial softwares bugs were not only located but fixed. Unreal Engine has updated its servers for all users and games, because they needed to accomodate Fortnite’s growth. The result had been a game that is seamless to play, with more customization than other similar games, it provides players with a more natural and intuitive experience.

New Posts
  • alro6036
    Apr 5, 2018

    Blog 7 For blog 7 I want to talk about the idea of fashion and graphic design. I have personally wanted to use my graphic design knowledge to purse fashion. An use graphic design as more format for my company. Which i think is really unique. I have researched other designers who use graphic design for there fashion and it was very interesting to notice that there are many people who use graphic design as a way to create their designs at least for high in fashion companies.  A lot of the graphic t-shirts we wear and see are made on computers.
  • Daniel Trahan
    Mar 21, 2018

    Pixel art often holds a very nostalgic feeling when presented in the in the modern light. Oddly enough, visibly sized small blocks composing a low resolution image is often enough to spur a sense of nostalgia in a lot of populations today. Pixel art is often seen as very dated graphically so it is interesting to see major progressions in how the art is presented today. Perhaps it's the lack of clarity that draws people into enjoying the art form? Pixel art is interesting because it was abstraction by necessity. Personal computation was limited in sheer power when pixel art become present, forcing developers to generate artwork with as little detail as possible. Items that would often be seen as a complex forms in 3D space are replaced with a simplistic blocks that abstractify the item. 4 colored cubes can represent a charm on a necklace, a facial expression, or even a a symbol like a star or cross. Pixel art can also be combined with more traditional graphical techniques that enhance the work substantially. Traditional lighting can be implemented and overlaid into the work. The fusion of two vastly different styles of art direction creates something substantially different from the norm. Depth of this light can make the 2D Sprites appear almost 3 dimensional in space. Light interacts with certain sprites in certain ways, generating depth in the different layers and forms of the object. Pixel art is a remarkable style of graphic that has stood the test of time and continues to develop to this day.
  • Daniel Trahan
    Mar 21, 2018

    Zines are an independent, self published, novella that can describe any array of ideas that can be held in a book format. These little booklets have a storied history in the literary and artistic world. They were at the precursor to the comic book and nowadays have become more of a niche collectors object in the art world. What’s interesting is the overall scope of what zines may cover. Because everything is independently done, a vast assortment of different artists and genres and styles exist in the art world. The sheer diversity of the medium is quite exciting, as hundreds of different authors escaped the filter of publishing to present their work to the world. It’s almost like a literary type of public art display. Zines also have an element of being a very personal item. Books are small widows designed to be viewed by one person. This makes interacting with the craft and artistry a much more personal experience when viewing the works. An artist may make a zine specifically tailored towards one specific person, which makes deciphering what the comic fully means as an interesting endeavor. Another interesting component of this medium exists with the ephemerality of the work. Because the project is often limited in its release and very personally made, there doesn’t exist an endless supply of copies. Thanks to the internet, a lot of these works can be scanned and uploaded to a database, but this does not remove the ephemerality of the physical book. Zines are a very interesting medium that hold a lot of potential in the presentation of ideas and stories. I may attempt to produce my own zines at some point, depicting my own wildly obscure, interesting tales.