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Daydream Video Project

Updated: Mar 7

Day Dream Video Project - Use your cell phone (or any video recorder) to create a “real life” scene. Then transition your scene using effects to a "flashback" or "daydream" using animation. Then transition back to reality. I will show you how to edit video and introduce you to some helpful software and apps.

Assignment guidelines:

  1. *Must have beginning, middle and end.

  2. Must have real (recorded video) and animation. FOCUS SHOULD BE ON THE ANIMATION**

  3. *Transition can be any of the following: daydream, dream, nightmare, flashback, hallucination, teleporting, time travel, interdimensional portal, wormhole, afterlife, heaven, hell, purgatory, alternate dimension, etc. Be creative, have fun.

  4. *Use two or more of the following software programs: After Effects, Animate CC, Photoshop, Audition, Premier.

  5. *You must have audio, consider your soundtrack. Use the skills you used in project 2 to make and edit sounds.

  6. *Do NOT use music, unless you create it yourself in Garage Band or with a musical instrument. You can use snippets of commercial music lasting no longer than 10 seconds. No music videos!

  7. *You can record your own folly sounds, voice overs or you can use files taken from

  8. *Must be a minimum of 3.5 minutes in total length with at least 2 minutes of animation.


12 principles of Animation:

Dreams & Hallucinations:

Dumbo drinks champagne water:

Pink Elephants...

Another accidental trip...

Homer eats insanity pepper...

Sad man becomes John Malkovich, from "Being John Malkovich."

Malkovich inside his own head:

Chase through Malkovich's subconscious.

Near Death experiences:


Weird grocery store trip from movie "Go!"

Fear and Loathing:

Rick and Jerry go through a wormhole:

Find your inspiration:

Fantastic Planet, 1973

From Pink Floyd: The Wall, animation by Gerald Scarfe

From The Adventures of Mark Twain, in reference to the book The Mysterious Stranger. Claymation:

Stacey Stears' (who lives in Boulder, and ofter teaches at CU) collage style animation.

Silly & Dark:


an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

CalArts student Noel Belknap made this animation parody of nature films popularly seen on National Geographic:

One of my former student's project for this class:

Another Tootsie pop parody:

Consider a fractured fairy tale:

What is a fractured fairy tale?

A fairy tale designed to be humorous by changing the story in an unexpected way; altering characters, or adding modern language and events. Fractured Fairy Tales. 2. A parody is a humorous version of a well known story!

In the 1960s, a children's television show called "Rocky and Bullwinkle" introduced the concept with a portion of the show called fractured fairy tales.. Well known fairy tales were changed into humorous shorts. Stories like Rumpelstiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs and the Pied Piper just to name a few.


Famous fairy tale characters... in a rap battler?

Not for kids? Adult rated!

Student examples:

Other movies to think about, BeatleJuice, Matrix, Altered States, What Dreams May Come, etc.

How to get started:

**Start as soon as possible. Make a plan ASAP.

**Come to EVERY class prepared to work. Create footage at home, edit in class. **Have a plan, do not waste class time.

**Have fun! Do what you are excited about doing, try new things, stay true to yourself and it will be your best work.

Some ideas:

You can use toys, clay, drawings, friends, pets, puppets, and other props. Your camera phone is fine for this project, no special equipment necessary.

Software: Premiere, After Effects, Garage Band, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate CC.

DO NOW - HOMEWORK: Work on creating a story board to plan a loose script. Your story board MUST be posted with your brainstorm blog. You can always go off script or improvise but you need to have a plan. I will come around to discuss your plan with you individually. Be ready.



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