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Getting Started with AI

Updated: Jan 22

For this Lab, spend some time exploring this list of AI generators. Use the bank of words, phrases and images you created from the last Lab (Random Generators) to use as input. Avoid making your own prompts, and let the serendipity of the universe guide you on your way! Post the outcomes you create on your blog with the name of the AI that you used to generate it for points. The more images and videos that you generate, the more you will have to continue to work with as we work our way through this project. Since the images can be generated so quickly and in so many ways, you should have at least a dozen images on your post. Have FUN!

AI To Try

  1. Night Café-- - I like this one because it's very easy to use, can be used on mobile or desktop and unlike some of the other generators this one gives you 5 daily credits to use so you don't necessarily need to get a subscription. It also allows you to earn extra credits by doing certain tasks.

  2. Dall-e 2 - - the new and improved Dall-e no longer has a waiting list! You can start using it right away! Be careful, you only get so many free credits to try before you buy. Watch the video to get started:

3. The ever popular Midjourney - This one is

probably the most popular, because of its ability to make very visually stunning,

rich, painterly images. Be careful, you only get a few credits to try before you buy.

Watch the video to help you get started playing right away!

4. Stable Diffusion simple demo - easy to

use, not the best images, but great for generating lots really quickly.

AI Video

  1. - Quickly animate a stick figure like drawing!

  2. - Quickly animate a portrait

  3. - a longer tutorial on making AI vids using disco diffusion

  4. - a list of AI video generators to try out

More resources for experimenting with AI:

  1. a list of 10 more AI art generators to try

  2. a guide with more AI generators to try!

  3. Top 41 AI Art Generators: Make AI Art, Paintings & More (2021 GUIDE) — - a great guide with artists working in AI as well as a comprehensive list of different kinds of generators.

NEW to try:



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