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Remix Workshop Part 2 of 2

For this workshop we will experiment with remixing videos and animations using Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Find the first part of this workshop here:

Step 1:

Get comfortable with file management, the Premiere platform, tools, importing videos and using keyframes. This may be review if you have used Premiere before, but it's always good to refresh your memory.

Step 2:

Learn how to overlap videos with blend modes, change the speed duration and reverse videos. Practice using our first video effect, color key to reveal the bottom layer in layered videos.


Add our homemade animations to the mix, use ultra key to get rid of the green background, duplicate the animations, add additional adjustments, effects and keyframes to make your remix more dynamic.

Step 4:

Get even more weird! This video is less structured than the others, it really starts to go down the rabbit hole of video remix. Use this video more as a source of inspiration for workflow than for a step-by-step instruction guide. Learn to cluster your animation video clips, use ripple delete, play with more video effects, separate video from audio, add more videos and don't forget to use serendipity!

Step 5:

Add final touches to your video project, cluster more videos and export!

I know these videos started out a little more structured and gradually slipped into a bit of unstructured weirdness, but I think that's the point of this workshop. Learn the tools and how to use them, then learn to push them to their limits, abuse them a bit and get weird! You got to see the making of my video, here is the final version. I look forward to seeing your final products and I hope that you make something that you are excited about, and perhaps something that could end of being your final project for the exhibition.

Keep your body fit while your mind slips with Autonomous Soup's home workout: Quarantinercise!


*Use good file management, keep all of your files together in one folder.

*Save often so that you don't lose your work.

*Overlap many different videos and use blend modes to reveal bottom layers.

*Use multiple video effects and play with their settings, use keyframes.

*Change the speed/duration of your video clips, and reverse some as well.

*Don't plan everything out, just play, throw things around, let the cards fall where they may.

*Use variety, try lots of different things, go with what you like, stay true to your unique aesthetic and you will make your best possible work.



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