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VDMX Pop Quiz

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Here is a short and concise video to walk you through the pop quiz.

Complete the following tasks to get 25pts.

  1. import 5 videos into your media bin

  2. create 5 layers and assign 1 video for each one

  3. In the composition tab do the following:

    1. hide all but one layer

    2. turn the opacity down on the visible layer, turn it back up

    3. move the visible layer side to side, up and down, stretch it in each direction

  4. do the following things in layer source tab

    1. pause a video and play it again

    2. speed up a video, slow it down, make it play at normal speed again

    3. change video to reversing loop, and back to loop

    4. make your video play backwards

    5. use black tabs to select one small section of the video to play (I didn't go over this in class, but it's on the video above)

  5. Do the following things in the FX tab

    1. add 2 effects

    2. at a keyboard control using "key detect"

    3. add a beat clock on 1 control button

    4. add a bar clock on 1 control slider

  6. In "Canvas Main Output" do the following:

    1. resize 2 of the layers and place them side by side

  7. Make all the layers visible again (layer composition tab)

If you have question, or need help feel free to email me :)



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