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Day 2:

When the people woke up this morning, they were in high spirits. The free person wandered off for a bit to freshen up, while the jarred person pushed all the manna to one end of the jar and relieved its tiny bladder on the opposite side. They shared a quick breakfast before swiftly going to work to free the person in the jar.


The wires proved to be an instant challenge, slicing right through skin and flesh with ease. The jarred person hung from the wire for hours, feverishly pulling with both hands and feet and only occasionally wincing at the flowing, crimson blood. The free person worked with equal diligence. They showed no signs of wavering. Periodically they paused to rest their aching fingers or to munch on a bit of manna.


They didn’t talk much today, but did sing songs about “needing to shine,” something about “crazy diamonds.” Another song mentioned taking up residence in a “yellow submarine.” At the end of day 2, little progress has been made in prying the wire from the jar.

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