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Day 9:

The last several hours at Little Crazy People fine art studio have been tremendously exciting! Anarchy continued to rage outside, as an even more astounding scene unfolded inside, on my oak shelf! Very early this morning a tiny crew of four miniature rescuers arrived outside the jar. I immediately recognized the leader as the very same tiny person who befriended our subject on Day 1 of the experiment. The little free one had not given up on its love after all. I, on the other hand, wasn’t even sure if it was still alive.


The pocket-sized crew immediately began the painstaking work to open the jar. Their hands were torn, and their blood shed all over the rim. The little life stirred around inside the jar. They furiously worked until the lid was bent and frayed open. The tattered little body was lifted to safety and delivered, shaken but alive, into the arms of its beloved. They melted into a tender embrace, the world stopped, and grateful kisses spread all over their bloody little faces. From the arms of its hero, eyes still black, legs wavering, the little weak person panted out two words, “thank… you..”


The little human is alive, free and on its way to a hot meal, shower, and a warm bed to rest its little head! The power of the human spirit has conquered, and the hellish nightmare has finally come to an end! Only time will tell what is to come of the poor, traumatized soul. Even though I can’t help but feel partially responsible for the pain it’s gone through, I am happy to see that it has found love and I wish it only the best of happiness that life has to offer.


Over the next few days I will compile all of my findings into a precise report, which will be published here for everyone to see. Thank you for your support, and don’t ever, ever, ever give up!

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