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Day 8:

The humanitarian organization CETLCP (Citizens for the Ethical Treatment of Little Crazy People) is not backing down. The outside of my studio has been a zoo of protesters armed with signs saying “how ’bout we put YOU in a jar,” and “a person is a person, no matter how small!!” The crowd has been contained by a force of peace officers, which has naturally drawn an array of news media crews. Since I have not yet received any official legal orders requiring interference in the experiment, I have no choice but to follow through with the final 2 days. Upon the advisement of my attorney I will not be making any public appearances, indefinitely.


Activity on my well-lit shelf is not nearly as exciting as the chaos in my front yard. Unfortunately, I have very little to report from the jar. Hardly a peep has risen all day, and there has been equally as little movement. There is even less to report outside of the jar, the little friend that pretended to be so loyal, has not returned now in over forty-eight hours.


It’s difficult to determine exactly what the fate of the little person will be. The poor little specimen has been laying in its own bodily fluids for the last 12 hours, and it saddens me to think that this very well may be the end. My official report is that at the close of this day, as far as I could tell, it was not giving up the fight, but still grasping onto life with great might. My heart has genuinely been softened by the strength of this little creature’s spirit. Even if in the end we lose this little life, I believe this experiment to be a fabulous success, which should only be a call for great celebration!

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