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Day 7:

Yesterday (Day 6), outraged citizens finally started an uprising to stop my so-called “cruel” experiment. I received a formal document from an organization called CETLCP (Citizens for the Ethical Treatment of Little Crazy People) demanding that I “cease and desist the unlawful imprisonment of the little person,” and called my project “an abomination against humanity.” I have reluctantly decided, since there are only a few days left, to forge on with the experiment and let the humanitarian organization take the next steps in the legal process to shut down 9 Days in a Jar. In time, I know they will realize that this experiment has great value in uncovering the truths of the human spirit.


Early this morning I heard singing, which initially led me to believe that the free person had returned once again. Sadly, it had not. But I was pleased to find the person in the jar, though still clearly suffering, amazingly alert and singing a whole new song of hope. It was soft and hard to hear, but I caught something about being “hopeful” and “taking music” and “using it” to “take you away.” This little entity may be small, but it is strong, ever optimistic and inspiring. Even with all it’s been through there are no signs of giving up.


Throughout the day the person didn’t move around much, but it had a new clarity in its eyes that was reassuring. As the darkness came there was still no sign of the treasured companion on the outside of the jar, the last scrap of manna had been eaten, and our little buddy dozed off all alone, no prospect for escape, with the tune of hope on its breathe.

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