• Crazie Corrina Espinosa

Monkeyin' around with arduinoless arduino!

I was invited to participate in a show at Valkarie Gallery by my good friend, Dane. The show is called Monkey Business, in honor of 2016--the year of the monkey. I decided to make a commentary on the state of society and the twisted turn our so called evolved species has taken.

I decided to use a simple circuit to make 5 lights shift colors, 4 slowly and 1 quickly, and to make 1 tiny motor pulse on/off in order to animate my monkey collage.

I used my Arduino to program the ATmega328 chip, and then I soldered the chip onto a permanent breadboard with the bare bone components of an Arduino. It does the same thing, but allows me to use my Arduino over and over again without disassembling previous projects or buying a new one.

Here is a gif of the final product. It doesn't do the project justice, you have to see it in person, which you can do at Valkarie Gallery!

More info about the show:

The show opens JANUARY 29, 6 - 9PM

show runs JANUARY 27th - FEBRUARY 21st, 2016.

445 S Saulsbury St, Denver,

Colorado 80226