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  • Corrina Espinosa

Psychic T-Shirt - snarky & 100% accurate!

Here's how it works: Psychic T-shirt receives your audio input (in the form of a "yes" or "no" question) then utilizes data from the collective conscious with a complex psychic algorithm to calculate the most appropriate response for your individual query. It's snarky with 100% accuracy!

My House and Unicorns

I have to be real careful about disclosing too much information about the science behind the Psychic T-shirt, because the government has had a surveillance van parked outside of my house for the past few days. I took a picture for the skeptics who think I'm just being paranoid. As you can see by the photo, my poor unicorns were quite startled by the van, since we don't get a lot of traffic in our neighborhood. If this technology gets into the wrong hands, the results could be devastating. But for the sake of my fellow makers and DIY hackers, I will post my secrets and my codes: Super Secret Psychic T-shirt Code

Here is the guide to wire up your 16x2 LCD screen and a tilt sensor (I replaced mine with a tiny pushbutton for the final version). You will also need a small potentiometer and a 220ohm resistor. I drew this in the Fritzing app.

The next step is to make your final permanent circuit board! I recommend this tutorial on how to make arduino on a breadboard.

Here (below) is the circuit, messy, but all on one board with no more arduino board and running on a 9v battery.

Here (below) is the very cleaned up, final circuit!

Once the brain of your Psychic T-Shirt is working properly, you can use velcro to connect the screen to the inside of your shirt, and cut a hole for the screen to be exposed. Use ribbon wire to run down the front of your shirt (hidden inside) and hide the circuit board in a secret pocket, along with your 9v battery.

Psychic T-Shirt detail

I screen printed my shirt and added some flashy lights to give it some razzle dazzle! Good luck, and remember... the Psychic T-Shirt is 100% accurate, so don't let it get into the wrong hands!

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