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  • Corrina Espinosa

Internet Art: in and out of its natural habitat~

What is Internet art?

I think defining Art in general has proven to be quite challenging with its wide expanse of processes, incarnations and possibilities. in my thinking, Art in itself has become a boundless entity, so wrapping up all of it's magic, mystery and wonder into one easy to swallow definition is daunting, to say the least. Defining a specific genre of art, especially one as new and with as many possibilities as internet, aka net art has, is equally as arduous of a task. Nevertheless, I will give it the old college try: to me Internet art is any art that utilized the internet for its creation, production, consumption, or display. But I am certain there are lots of different ways for people to define their own version of wha Internet art actually is.

In an essay title Net Results: closing the gap between life and art online, written by Lauren Cornell, well know artist Cory Archangel described internet art as being just about anything, as the internet is a "research tool and a place for new cultures to emerge." British Film Institute curator Michael Connor had a different perspective in that "art is bureaucracy" and that the line that separated art from non-art is often determined by curator or gallerist, to which he responds that "a lot of the best art of our time is out there waiting to be labeled as such by forward thinking art bureaucrats."

How do we exhibit Net Art?

In general when we thing of an internet exhibit we think of it in terms of being online, accessed via a computer screen. While this certainly is a likely possibility, I think that it's important to note that it is not the only possibility.

Cory Arcangel, artist, musician, and computer scientist has used code as a mode of exhibiting his art in recent London exhibition. "His idea is to mix everything up and display the whole list of different new artworks in the exhibition called currentmood" which he displayed at Lisson Gallery in London. Arcangel is in the know when it comes to all things viral, and he expresses his deep interest in the many dimensions of the World Wide Web in his work. In this particular exhibition he has started to experiment with and amalgamation of "low-res images, pixel art, graphic design, Internet art, ad scans, color gradients, and reprints of his previous works" which all came together for the installation. Cory Arcangel’s currentmood was live- IRL (In Real World) at Lisson Gallery London between May 20 to July 2, 2016. But, Arcangel's exhibition also has its own URLs, which allows the work to exist in a hybird manner... both on and offline. According to an article written about the exhibition titled "Cory Arcangerl Democratizes His Own Art at Lisson Gallery and Explores the Trasient Nature of Internet Cultrue," by By Nadia Herzog, "It is all part of the show because exploring the difference between real culture value and its online price drawn from click bait revenues, is one of the key points in Arcangel’s art."

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