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After Effects Pop Quiz

Updated: Mar 18


1. Prepare a set for your video in Photoshop:

a. Size you image to 1920 x 1080

pixels, 150 dpi

b. Find a background on google

image search, and paste it in

and size it to fit.

c. Find a character with limbs that are separate from the body on google image

search, must have free legs that can be used for a walking loop, and some

sort of arms or tentacles to be manipulated. Paste it into your photoshop


d. Delete the background your character came with. Isolate your character so they are on a layer all by themselves.

e. Find a fun prop (any object) and separate it from the background it came

on, isolating it to its own layer.

You should have 3 layers, a background, a character and a prop. Save your file as a PSD (Photoshop file), import into After Effects and move on to step 2. (detailed step by step guide in the video below)

2. Use Key frames to animate your prop:

a. must move your prop across the screen using "position" key frame.

b. must make your prop change size using "scale" key frame.

c. must make your prop spin by using "rotate" key frame.

d. must make your prop appear and disappear using "opacity" key frame.

(detailed step by step guide in the video below)

3. Use puppet pin tool to make your character move arms, head, upper limbs.

(detailed step by step guide in the video below)

4. Use puppet pin tool to make a walk cycle.

a. must create a second composition (less than 1 second duration).

b. must make characters legs take 2 steps in new composition.

c. must insert the second composition into the first composition.

d. must use the loopOut("cycle") expression code to create a walking loop.

(detailed step by step guide in the video below)

5. Make your character walk across the screen, export, upload to youtube, post on your blog.

a. must use "position" key frames to move the walking loop across the screen.

b. must export video.

c. must upload to youtube and post to blog.

(detailed step by step guide in the video below)



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