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Choose Your Own Webventure!

Updated: Apr 25

IMG: my body — a Wunderkammer

by Shelley Jackson

Choose Your Own Webventure - For this project you will create an interactive web experience using links that move users along a path of web pages in a linear, or nonlinear and dynamic fashion. Your Webventure can be narrative or abstract, and should use a variety of text and images.

  • Make 5 GIFs to start your story, (I will show you how)

  • 10 pages minimum,

  • 15 images minimum (5 original gifs + 5 photoshops + 5 found images)

  • and 20 links minimum (about 2 per page, you can do more).

You can make more pages and images if you like, just make sure there are some interesting twists and turns. The pages should be detailed, aesthetically pleasing, interesting, and well thought out. See if you can develop a cohesive visual aesthetic that ties all of your pages together. I will provide you with resources and examples to help plan and complete this project.

Things you should do/include:

  • Do include "Easter Eggs" (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to navigationJump to search📷This image reveals an Easter egg when the hedgehog is clicked or tapped. Another Easter egg can be found when a mouse pointer is hovered over it.[1] While the term Easter egg has been used to mean a hidden object for some time, in reference to an Easter egg hunt, it has come to be more commonly used to mean a message, image, or feature hidden in a video game, movie, or other, usually electronic, medium.[2] The term used in this manner was coined around 1979 by Steve Wright, the then Director of Software Development in the Atari Consumer Division, to describe a hidden message in the Atari video game Adventure.)

  • Do make multiple choice paths (give your audience choices that will take them in different directions with different outcomes)

  • Do use lots of visuals and imagery

  • Do use text (can be poems, or one liners or simple sentences, can be paragraphs but does not have to be that long)

  • Do create links that take your viewers outside of your webpage (when you do this make sure the outside links pop up in a new tab or window so that your viewer is not completely taken away from your page

  • Tell lies, exaggerate, tell stories (true or false), have fun, be silly, be crazy, be dark, be twisted, be CREATIVE, make ART

Things you should NOT DO:

  • Do NOT make a serious or functional page (a brochure of places you have visited, or a useful guide to something/somewhere... this is ART not a traditional website)

  • Do NOT forget to make twists and turns

  • Do NOT be too serious

  • Do NOT link viewers away from your page without a way to link back (all outside links in a new tab or page)


My Body: By Shelley Jackson

Sam Kahn: iPod

Mati Morrow: Pseudo Science

Jess Vosseteig: girl.... uh... power?

Steve Kumar: School Daze

Jake Norris: PreParty

More Student examples that I LOVE:

Emme Brooks - wrong portal

Solos Thompson - Taken

Madeleine - Venture into the darkness 

Ava Rupisan - Are you smart enough to be a murderer?

Hannah Morris - horror aesthetics -  

Jordan Schwabauer - 2000’s web venture - 

Allie Popp - random aesthetics -

Vance - internet pop up chaos! - 


Use Wix or any other site you are familiar with (as demonstrated in class) which most of you already have and will already include easy access to adding images and will be hosted by wix.

Reading assignment:

Read the following article and write a 250 word response on your blog, be sure to include 5 images that you think correlate with the reading.

Questions: email me



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