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Hidden Links on Wix Pop Quiz

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

For the hidden links pop quiz, you must use WIX. You do not have to use wix for you final project, but you can if you choose. Log into your account and complete the following tasks.

1. Create a new page, make it have no header and no footer but still be listed on the menu

2. Create 3 more pages, make them have no header and no footer and make them NOT be listed on the menu.

3. Change the backgrounds on all 4 of your new pages.

4. Upload an image to your first page (the one listed on the menu) make the new image the background for this page.

5. Using shapes, make 2 parts of your image link (in the same window) to 2 of the other pages you just made. On this same page make a hidden "Easter Egg" link that opens an outside website in a new window.

6. Add images to the other 3 pages, use at least 1 vector, 1 gif, 1 image and some hidden shapes to create the links. Each page should have at least 3 links.

7. Make sure that the last 3 pages have an exit strategy that leads back to the first page.

Watch the following videos for detailed instructions on how to complete these tasks.

Hidden links tutorial part 1 of 2

Hidden links tutorial part 2 of 2

DO NOT delete or change your pop quiz on your website until you have received a grade for it. If I can't find it, or it has been altered and no longer meets the criteria, you will not receive full credit for this quiz. It may take me a while to get to grading.

Questions? Email me :)



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