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Illustrator Lab

Updated: Jan 31

For this Lab you must choose an image from the internet and make a traced drawing of it in illustrator. I will only be demonstrating a few tools for this tutorial, but you are welcome to explore deeper into the software if you like. You will be graded on completing the following tasks:

  1. Use the pen tool to create organic shapes on top of your original image (as demonstrated in the video).

  2. For your shapes change the following:

    1. fill colors,

    2. transparency,

    3. stroke colors,

    4. stroke sizes (as demonstrated in the video).

  3. Use at least 2 brushes from the brush library to add texture to your drawing.

  4. Fully complete a colored, traced drawing from your original images (focus on 1 main subject, no need to do background for the pop quiz).

  5. Post the completed drawing AND the original image to your blog.



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