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Mad Mapper Pop Quiz

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

For this quiz take a screen recording of you completing the following tasks, upload to YouTube and post to your blog. 25pts.

  1. Download Mad Mapper, install it and open the software.

  2. Add at least 4 quads:

    1. 1 square

    2. 1 triangle

    3. 1 circle

    4. 1 organic shape using mesh warping

  3. Give 3 of the quads a generator of your choosing.

  4. Give the 4th quad a video

  5. Use a blend mode on 1 quad

  6. Change the opacity on another quad

  7. Change the color on all 3 of the generator quads

  8. Use and effect (FX) on the 4th quad

  9. Make a mask and put it on top of a quad.

  10. Add at least 4 keyboard controls and demonstrate them.



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