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Make a Thing in Blender

Updated: Feb 14

  • Description: Get ready to dive into the world of Blender as we embark on a journey to create virtual wearables. Using Blender, you'll craft a captivating series of wearable appendages or accessories, ranging from hats and wigs to jewelry and masks. Experiment with textures, shading techniques, and rigging to breathe life into your creations. Additionally, explore online tutorials to expand your knowledge. Once complete, export your designs as GLTF files and transform them into mesmerizing TikTok filters using Effect House. Fine-tune your effects by adjusting settings and publish 2-5 captivating effects, each accompanied by a thumbnail and example video. 

For this project, you need to make a living thing in Blender! It can be anything you want!

Anything I want?!

Yes, anything you want!

But of course there are some procedures and requirements. Here are some steps to help you get started, and some basic requirements to act as a guide on your journey through Blender...


  • Must be made in Blender

  • must have skins, be rigged & animated

  • Must have characteristics of life

  • No borrowing models, make it from scratch

  • Must be a fully resolved and finished piece.

  • You must have fun making it.

  • Play play play play play play play

  • It's art, don't be too serious.

  • seriously PLAY!

Tips to get you started:

  1. Decide on a concept or a theme, it can be complex, or simple. Just know what you want to say. *pro tip - think forward to the next projects. Plan to make something that could become a filter.

  2. Do some research on the techniques you that will help you achieve your goal.

  3. Research some Blender tutorials, forums and blogs and find one or more that will help you learn how to make your thing.

  4. Start working on the thing as soon as possible.

  5. Play in Blender as much as possible

  6. Save as often as possible

  7. Try scary new things.

  8. Save back up files before you try scary new things.

Inspiration and Ideas:

Here are some of the possibilities that you can do with Blender:

modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.

Your project can take it's final form in many different ways

You can model or sculpt a single object and 3D print it, or render a small animation, image or series of images with it.


Modeling generally starts with a 2D reference, which is used to model a 3 Dimensional object, as well as an image texture to give the model a highly realistic final look. This very fast paced video can be used as a guide to walk you through that process.


You could focus on digital sculpture. You could continue the series and set up in an AR or VR gallery for project 4. We do have a very limited supply of drawing tablets that you can check out, or if this is something you absolutely love and wish to pursue, you could purchase your own awesome tablet. Additionally, there are apps that can help convert your iPad into a drawing tablet.

You can model or sculpt a single object and 3D print it,

Here is how you can try to print it yourself through the BTU lab:

Here is where you can order an affordable print from the Boulder Public Library's BLDG 61:


Some people focus their attention on achieving and controlling simulations like fluids, particles, cloth, fire and smoke! This does not translate well into AR/VR from my experience. Just be aware of what Blender can do!

People use Blender to make weather.

People use Blender to make mechanisms.

Like gears, cams, or other silliness.

Check out the #Blender page on GIFY for inspiration.

You can also use Blender to create a scene to render a small animation, image or series of images.

Make your dream room... or your nightmare!

Make a space all of your own! But... not for this project.

2D Animation with the grease pencil.... probably not for this project. But know it's there.

Character development, make a person! Make them for a future animation or as a character for a game.



Mr Wobble:

Devil Horns:

Music Notes:




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Some recommended YouTubes to check out:



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