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Pandemic schedule...

Officially going remote:

We are still basically following the original class schedule, but here is a list of important dates and deadlines you should be aware of:

Wed. April 1 - First zoom class meeting (10AM). Attendance for the week of 3/30-4/03 Wed. April 8 - Video Projects are due. Upload them to Youtube and post them on your blog with a full artist statement. attendance for the week of 4/06-4/10 Mon. April 13 - Zoom class meeting to introduce the final project (10AM). Attendance for the week of 4/13-4/17 Mon. April 20 - Reading blog due, 250 words + 5 images. I will post the reading on the Choose Your Own Webventure blog (coming soon). Wed. April 22 - Zoom class meeting to check in (10AM). Attendance for the week of 4/20-4/24 Fri. April 24 - All projects for the online exhibition must be turned in!! This is your FINAL EXAM! It is worth 100 points. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS! WE NEED TIME TO PROCESS YOUR SUBMISSION FOR ONLINE EXHIBITION!! There will be a shared google drive folder where you can drop your work. (coming soon, watch your email for details). Mon. April 27 - Final zoom meeting, check in (10AM). Attendance for the week of4/27-5/01 Wed. April 29 - Final project due, choose your own webventure with 150 word artist statement + 5 images. Fri. May 1 - All work must be submitted, including any late assignments, blogs, extra credit, etc. I will not accept any work after May 1 at 11:30pm Fri. May 8 - The final Exhibition will be LIVE online, share with your friends, family, etc. WOOO! You did it! You did it in a freaking pandemic! You are amazing, I am proud of you! Now, go sign up for DA2 this Fall :)

** I will keep the zoom meetings down to once per week, and will also keep them brief (aiming for an hour or less). That's only 4 zooms total. Try your best to be there. You will get attendance credit for the entire week for coming to the zooms. I think it's important for us to check in "in person" when we can. ** I am available for individual zoom appointments for anybody who is struggling, needs help or feedback or for any other reason. Just email me and I will gladly set up a time slot that works for you. ** I am not extending any project due dates, but will be flexible with late work. Please do your best to turn things in on time, but I will not be taking off points for late work. Just make sure you turn everything in by the final cut off (May 1). **Extra credit will be available to anyone who needs it. I have an extra online video assignment that I will give 50 points for. It's on a need basis, if you don't need it, don't do it. Inquire within (email me). Questions? Remember, I got your back... I care, a lot. I am here to help :) Corrina



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