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Personality Quiz

Close your eyes. Pretend you are no longer yourself. Who are you? What is your name and what do you look like? Settle down into this imaginary version of yourself and answer the following questions from that NEW, different and unique perspective!

Start by asking these Questions about your alter ego: (make it up as you go, this will help you learn who your character is and will help you decide how to depict them.) This should be used as a guide in making the images of your alter ego. Copy and paste this into your blog with the answers (25 pts):

1. Full name & Gender?

2. Species?

3. Zodiac Sign?

4. 3 fears?

5. 3 things I love?

6. 4 turn ons?

7. 4 turn offs?

8. Best friend?

9. Sexual orientation?

10. Height?

11. What do I miss the most?

12. Favorite color?

13. My current crush?

14. Favorite quote?

15. Favorite place?

16. Favorite music?

17. Favorite Food?

18. Eye color?

19. Hair, fur, scales or skin color?

20. Style?

21. Last book I read?

22. Have I ever kissed that last person I texted?

23. Someone I love?

24. Current relationship status?

25. Relationship with my parents?

26. Favorite holiday

27. Political standing.

28. Tattoos I have.

29. Tattoos I want.

30. Last person I hugged.

31. What I did during quarantine.

32. How long does it take me to get ready?

33. Where am I right now?

34. My main addiction?

35. My profession?

36. My education?

37. Where I grew up?

38. Best 2 personality traits?

39. 2 worst personality traits?

40. What I love most about myself?

41. What I love most about my friends?

42. What my friends love most about me?

43. How do I feel right now?

44. My Religion?

45. My pet(s)?

46. Draw a quick sketch of what you see when you look in the mirror. Include this sketch with your post.

Copy these questions and post them with the answers on your blog for 25pts.



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