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Random Generators

Random word(ish) Generators

This is a list of random generators that could be considered a less deep form of AI.

For this pop quiz, go through this list of random generators and spend a few minutes exploring each one. Post the results with the corresponding link on your blog for credit. You should end up with a bank of words, phrases, images, poems, songs and more! If you have trouble downloading images, take screenshots. You can take screenshots of words too. Later you will use this bank of assets to continue to create images using much deeper forms of AI. The more you generate now, the more you will have to work with as you continue to build this project.

  1. - lots of generators here (words, images, phrases, fake words, etc.)

  2. - changes a plain sentence into a "complex sentence"

  3. - generates all kinds of things from characters and names, to songs and short stories, and more!

  4. - poetry generator

  5. - AI poetry generator

  6. - tons of hilarious generators including paintings, dreams, poetry and more! Try several different ones, see which ones are your favorites.

  7. - random person generator.

  8. - AI lyric generator

  9. - All the controversy! This is the one that has already been blocked by several educational institutions... who would have thought it would be assigned to you! See what kind of stuff you can get out of it, try to get something weird, not something too standard or useful. Use words and and phrases from your previous prompts to see what comes out.

If you find some interesting generators that are not on this list, feel free to share them! Have fun, happy generating!



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