• Corrina Crazie Espinosa

Twitter Bots

Updated: Mar 18

For this project you must create a twitter bot, to make your twitter bot follow the following steps:

Step 1: Twitter Account

Go to twitter and make an account. You may want to start by making a new email address that is specifically for your twitter bot, so that the twitter bot is not linked to your personal email account. Pick a unique handle that captures the personality of you twitter bot. Create a bio, and a profile picture. Now you are ready to make your bot!

Step 2: Cheap Bots Done Quick

Go to Cheap Bots Done Quick and sign in using your new twitter account credentials. Now it's time to write your code. Your code will consist of 2 main things, origin sentences and word lists.

Step 3: Origin Sentences

An origin sentence sets up the basis of a tweet, with fill in the blanks under certain categories (nouns, adjectives, verbs, colors, food, celebrities, people, etc.) similar to Mad Libs.

Here is an example of an origin sentence:

"Bill Murray said the strangest thing today, and now I feel like crying."

Now I will replace some of the words with categories-- we must put a # symbol before and after the category for the code to work properly.

Bill Murray = #celebrity#

strangest = #adjective#

today = #time#

crying = #emotion#

The new sentence written in code looks like this:

"#celebrity# said the #adjective# thing #time#, and now I feel like #emotion#."

Make at least 8 of these origin sentences. The more origin sentences the better, it will me more variety for your bots tweets, and the more variety the better your bot will be.

Here are a few more examples of origin sentences:

  • "DAMN! I stubbed my little toe on the table and I need to go to the hospital."

  • "#expression#! I #action# my #adjective# #body_part# on the #thing# and I need to go to the #place#."

  • "OMG! My mom forgot to call me and I was late for school!"

  • "#expression#! My #family_member# forgot to #action# and I was late for #place#!"

  • "I'm so hungry I could eat a cow!"

  • "I'm so #pysical_state# I could #action# a #animal#!"

Step 4: Word Lists

Now that we have an origin sentence, we need to create word lists for each of the categories we have created.

Here are the categories we have assigned:

  • "celebrity"

  • "adjective"

  • "time"

  • "emotion"

  • "expression"

  • "action"

  • "body_part"

  • "thing"

  • "place"

  • "family_member"

  • "pysical_state"

  • "animal"

For each category we must make a list of as many words as we possibly can, the more words, the more variety and the better the tweets your bot will put out.

Here is a very long list of words for the category called "celebrity":

"celebrity": [

"Adam Lambert",

"Adam Levine",

"Adam Sandler",


"Alanis Morissette",

"Alec Baldwin",

"Alicia Keys",

"Alicia Silverstone",

"Alyssa Milano",

"Amanda Bynes",

"Amy Winehouse",

"Angelina Jolie",

"Anna Nicole Smith",

"Anne Hathaway",

"Ariana Grande",

"Arnold Schwarzenegger",

"Ashlee Simpson",

"Ashley Judd",

"Ashley Olsen",

"Ashton Kutcher",

"Avril Lavigne",

"Barack Obama",

"Barbara Walters",

"Ben Affleck",

"Ben Stiller",

"Betty White",

"Beyoncé Knowles",

"Billy Bob Thornton",

"Billy Ray Cyrus",

"Bobby Brown",

"Brad Pitt",

"Bristol Palin",

"Britney Spears",

"Brittany Murphy",

"Brooke Shields",

"Bruce Jenner",

"Bruce Willis",

"Bruno Mars",

"Caitlyn Jenner",

"Cameron Diaz",

"Carmelo Anthony",

"Carmen Electra",

"Carrie Underwood",

"Carson Daly",

"Cate Blanchett",

"Catherine Zeta-Jones",

"Cee Lo Green",

"Celine Dion",

"Chad Kroeger",

"Charlie Sheen",

"Chelsea Clinton",


"Chris Brown",

"Christian Bale",

"Christian Slater",

"Christie Brinkley",

"Christina Aguilera",

"Christina Applegate",


"Cindy Crawford",

"Claire Danes",

"Colin Farrell",

"Conan O'Brien",

"Courteney Cox",

"Courtney Love",

"Criss Angel",

"DJ AM",

"DJ Cassidy",

"DJ Kiss",

"DJ Pauly D",

"Dakota Fanning",

"Dane Cook",

"Dave Navarro",

"David Beckham",

"David Copperfield",

"David Letterman",

"David Schwimmer",

"David Spade",

"Demi Lovato",

"Demi Moore",

"Denis Leary",

"Denise Richards",

"Dennis Rodman",


"Dolly Parton",

"Donald Trump",

"Dr. Dre",

"Dr. Phil McGraw",


"Drew Barrymore",