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VDMX & Mad Mapper Pop Quiz

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

In order to earn all 25 points, you must complete the following tasks:

1. 5 pts. - Download the free demo version of Mad Mapper on your laptop. Set up an extended desktop (un-mirror display) so you have 2 screens, 1 on your laptop to work from, and the other to the projector to display your work.

2. 5 pts. - Make a grid of at least 4 videos in VDMX or Resolume.

3. 5 pts. - Set up at least 4 midi controlled, and 2 clock controlled effects in VDMX.

4. 5 pts. - Syphon main VDMX output with 4 video grid from one software into another (from VDMX to MadMapper).

5. 5pts. - Pick some objects from around the classroom (I brought some). Map at least 4 surfaces with each of the 4 videos from your grid. You may use the wall, but for only 1 of the 4 surfaces. You must use a variety of shapes, including 1organic (non-geometric) shape using mesh warping.

I will be around to help you achieve all of these tasks.


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