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WOW! Wide Open Whatever...

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

WOW! is the final project for the semester! Since you are now advanced digital artists, with DA1 and most of DA2 behind you, it's time to stretch out your digital art wings and FLY! That means you get to take charge of this assignment, and make whatever you want.

This can be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from! Fear not. This post will act as a guide to inspire you and help you decide what you will do for your final project.

Here are the technical requirements for this assignment:

  1. You must use digital tools to create this project.

  2. You must have a distinct concept, and your work must be clearly communicating that concept.

  3. Your final product must have that "WOW!" factor, it must be well crafted with impeccable attention to detail. It must look or act like an advanced digital art project.

  4. If you choose to create still images, you must create a small series, not 1 single image. At least 3 will suffice. They must all be connected conceptually and communicate your concept.

  5. If you are trying a whole new digital tools, hardware or software-- It will be acceptable for your work to be on the experimental side. If you are using familiar (to you) digital tools, hardware or software-- It must be more polished.

Portlandia, It's an art project!

Inspirational Artists:

My Gallery Mate and dear friend, Mar Williams on hacker mentality and the importance of play.

Wearable Tech:

Kate Hartman

Physical Computing:

Simone Giertz, AKA the queen of shitty robots!

Ari Melenciano:

Peter Campus, 1973... Video experiments from long before modern editing software.

Tony Oursler: OG projection mapping, before mad mapper!

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, people in Jars.

Augmented reality!

Some Software & Hardware to Consider:

Here is a brief list of software you may consider using for your final project. This is just a list of suggestions for you to explore.

Digital illustration/painting:

Adobe - Illustrator, Photoshop, Fresco...

Free Software - Procreate for iPad, Sketchbook, Krita, Mischief, MyPaint...

Video & Animation:

Adobe - Premiere Pro, After Effects, Animate CC, Character Animator,

Free Software - Blender: advanced open-source 3D animation software for people with video experience, K-3D: 3D animation software with polygonal modeling OpenToonz: 2D animation software with a long list of features for proficient or expert video folks, Pencil2D: hand-drawn, 2D animated videos with a simple interface that’s beginner-friendly but loaded with features, Plastic Animation Paper: helpful for incorporating hand-drawn characters into 2D animated videos, Powtoon: great for creating simple, three-minute explainer or infographic videos in presentation-style format, Stykz: beginner-friendly, stick-figured based 2D animation software, Synfig Studio: robust software for creating vector-based animated videos with advanced character control, Toontastic 3D: for people who are very new to creating animated videos; meant for kids but can create simple, storytelling- and character-based videos for brands as well.

Video Performance:

VDMX, MadMapper, Synesthesia, Resolume, QLab, Modul8...


Garage Band, Audition, FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops), Audacity...

Creative Coding and Physical Computing:

Processing, Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Max MSP, P5.js...

AR and VR:

Unity, Adobe Aero,

Do Now:

Brainstorm ideas, decide what idea you wish to communicate and which software or other digital tools you think will work best to create your final project. Post a WIP blog by Wednesday (we will go over them during our check-in). Be sure to include 150 words and 5 images.



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